Wednesday, April 1, 2009

random, short, to the point post.

Phone rings ( tune of Dooba Dooba rehta hoon). Picked up.
Me : Hello.
On the phone: lot of German speaking.
Me (interupting): Einschuldigung, Keine Deustch, Sprachen sie Englisch Bitte. (Excuse me, No Deustch, Can you speak in English please?)
Otp: Nein , Nein.
Me: OK wait.
I hand over the phone to my German colleague. tens of seconds of German conversation. 
Martin, very seriously, something like: Eine Moment, Ich fragen er.... (Wait, I will ask him)
Martin: Senthil: Do you want to have fourteen days, free of cost German Newspaper delivered to your home?.

Whole day of work, atleast the Gel ran in the right direction. 

One of my school teachers, a sports teacher, on orkut scrap book, Senthil, Guess what I have for you? 
me: I have no idea. 
Then he posts this painting. 

I had gifted it to him when I was in my eighth standard. The frame is of a broken wall clock that was being thrown away. It has been some 10 years that I gave it to him. It had even slipped out of my conscious memory. I was surprised that he still had it.
 I was telling this to my cousin sis. She said I should start painting again. Yes. Certainly. 

A very good friend whom I was asking for a favour of buying a camera for me in the states (of course I would pay her).
me: blue color
 Mayuri: hahaha
  yes yes
4:00 PM me: aur bata
  lab kaisa chal raha hai
4:01 PM Mayuri: shush
  let me finish this cam thing
  stop being polite
  see this..
 me: shush
There is more I would like to write and boast about how good a friend I have but I guess I wont be appreciated much.


Mayuri said...
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Mayuri said...


i can say the same thing Cinthol. :)
You are a very good friend too.