Thursday, December 13, 2007

Black and White and Grey.

Grey describes any colour between the dark side of white and the bright side of black. All greys are achromatic or neutral colours. Ther is no colour to complement grey but itself. Black and White is both the simplest and the most sophisticated of photographic disciplines. No colour photograph can reveal the subtleties that a black and white photograph reveals. B&W is timeless and eternal.

Being and Nothingness......

We as humans have the power to think. The most logical reasoning and analytical thinking has been termed as 'Science'. Ignorantly enough, Science only asks 'How?' and never 'Why?'. When I say 'Why', its not the worldly why corresponding to laws of physics or mechanisms of chemistry. Infact that is where 'biology' is a step ahead. It has pushed everything to extreme to create Life, and lately, intelligence. I ask the reason for the existence of our own self, the world we live in, the mystery called life, the universe and many more things....

The question 'Why' is very much based on the assumption that there is a reason for everything or there is causality. Causality applied to understanding the flow of universe and life seems beyond sense. According to causalists, The universe is no more than a chain of events following one after another according to the law of cause and effect. Doesn't tell me enough.

Is life a universal event or is Earth singular in its being? Unanswered. With the vastness of the universe, a small blue ball somewhere with such thing as life and its intelligence to realise itself as a part of such a super gigantic system as the universe is splendid. But there has been always a void. A void of meanings, reasons, purposes.

The human brain have so far tried to provide a meaning to everything. Learning to bear the burden of a meaningless universe, Man has invented god, questioned free will, morality. One characteristic that distinguishes man from other forms of life is the ability to use language in a way that goes beyond a desription of immediate experience, to develop and describe ideas such as space and time and to explore concepts like meaning and purpose.

Much of our knowledge about prehistoric people comes from burials. They alwways seemed to be prepared for next life. From the start, people seem to have asked the same questions- who am I? why am I here? What happens after I die? What is consciousness?..... The answers obviously had been formulated which involved belief in other types of being and existence outside and beyond day to day experiences. god there. the step from personal belief in god(s) to religion is not difficult. god and religion are just incompatibilistic view as a result of failure of mankind to go any further. However, it is not to be forgotten that religion in the present world has done more good than evil. Most religion at their heart, are about finding goodness in people.

But being and Nothingness still exist!!! Seek the Truth and you will find more questions than answers......