Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A life, A time, A moment,
Someday, sometime,
A free thought, A free will, 
When I can do all that I will,
that lies in my nature,
that my past has taught me,
that my past hasn't let me,
That my present teaches me still,
that I think about, about that I plan,
Someday in future when I can,
will have a time, a moment.
someday, sometime. 

Monday, December 29, 2008

A Dream of Memories..

A sudden experience of weightlessness came over me. An experience of having no worries, no responsibilities, no care. The sound of children playing in the street was either very familiar or very real. i decided to continue with the experience. I saw myself playing in the streets of some village with some other children. I felt like I was there, thinking and live. Some part of my brain had already contradicted the events and informed my conscience that it was not real. I opened my eyes to reality. I was on my bed, my thoughts raced back to the present. It was christmas and I was in Germany . I heard the sound of children playing outside. I went to the window and watched them play. I realised I can imagine, but it would never be close to what I experienced in dreams. An experience of memories. I will be again busy with the real world soon.