Tuesday, October 14, 2008

No good byes.

I went back. Because the Tram display said there were still 18 minutes for it to come. Because there were 10 minutes for the train to leave. I thought there was not much to think about it, there were 10 good minutes. So I went back. I hesitated going into the train, so I went along it. I saw her through the windows. She was writing something. Don't know what. I knew she had gone for the writing pad even as I was turning around to go. I stood there for some two minutes. I thought I should go in. but there had already been a good bye. A very strange one too. I guess it was more strange because of me. I know I am no good at these things. So I stood there. A policeman looked at me suspiciously as he passed by. I looked at the watch, three minutes for the train. Three minutes is three minutes, it cannot be longer or shorter. I turned around never to go back again. The seven minutes were long enough. I know the world is not big enough nowadays and its round. see you again.